Spine-chilling viral anthology THE ISOLATION HORRORS set for release this April (24th)

Epidemic lockdown inspired horror short anthology THE ISOLATION HORRORS is the brainchild of London, UK based multi award-winning filmmaker Nicolai Kornum. The project sprung from the need to create material that would entertain other horror fans during lockdown.

Produced in March and April 2020, and shot at home during isolation it comprises of five spine-chilling shorts, by five individual filmmakers from the underground film and horror communities. Nicolai’s short “The Bloody Face Mask” weaves’s its way throughout the 25 minute anthology, providing a wrap for the other segments: “Goryō” (dir. Emma Dark), “Across The Landing” (dir. Richard Markworth), “Anomalous” (dir. John Whitaker), and “Ghosting Isolation” (dir. Martin W Daniels).

“After finding a bloody face mask in the street during an epidemic outbreak a concerned neighbour (Nicolai) calls his home-isolating friends to check on them. Meanwhile the friends are experiencing their own horrors in their homes during lockdown.”

The filmmakers collaborated remotely during production, and the short films were made under the following rules: 1 Shoot in your place of isolation; 2 Shoot on your phone; 3 Make horror films. The five filmmakers came up with their own concepts, goals, style and expression under these rules, creating five very different horror short films, using few resources and limited technical gear available.

THE ISOLATION HORRORS will be available to watch as a YouTube scheduled premiere on Friday 24th April 2020 at 9pm GMT, so please bookmark the link and set the date firmly in your diaries! https://youtu.be/kJa7mSnxhs8

In the meantime you can view a couple of teaser trailers for the film, here

 and here

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