X Box Series v Playstation 5 as some technical specs are revealed #xboxseriesx #playstation5

Its that time of the gaming generation again when for some reason the battle lines are drawn, the knives are sharpened and ‘fans’ across the world decide which console they will buy later this year but also im sure, which console group to bitch and moan about. Me? I havent decided yet which new console to go for as ive been busy with other things, but am slowly learning the released news about the Playstation 5 and the X Box Series X

Ill decide later in the year but considering that I have around 40 games on my Playstation 4 that I havent started or completed, then I am in no rush . For the record, I also have an Xbox One Slim with many games that I also haven’t completed or played as yet.

For those who are interested in whats ‘under the bonnet’of the new consoles, here are some of the technical specifications for each console. Fr me the technical side of things dont matter too much, the same when it comes to movies. As long as the games are good enough then that will sway my decision rather than how many frames or flops or gigs is in the engine.



One of the decided factors for me will be whether the ‘new Playstation’ will be able to play the games I own on my PS4 Pro. And apparently when it comes to running PS4 games things arent that simple apparently  “Testing has to be done on a title by title basis,” said a member of the system developer team  “Of the top 100 most-played titles on the PlayStation 4, he says, “we’re expecting almost all of them to be playable at launch.”

When it comes to Microsoft’s announcement that the Xbox Series X would host four generations of Xbox games along with players’ existing Xbox One libraries, what we know of the PlayStation 5’s backwards compatibility feature falls a little flat behind the XB series. I shall however wait, watch, listen and read any further news until I make my decision.

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