The Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival is open for submissions ( @malibuwestfilm ) #supportindiefilm #movies

Run by high-end industry professionals who have decided to show recognition to all good-quality productions and crew people.The Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival seek to encourage young people and established artists alike in the film and television industry.  Based in Malibu West but helping filmmakers from all over the world.  The festival is IMDB listed and you can find that info here

The festival is open for submissions through Filmfreeway and has a wide range of awards and prizes  and in order to keep entry fees down, no award trophies are handed out to winners, BUT trophies are available to purchase from our website at a low cost

-Feature Films are defined as over 62 minutes. Preferred feature film consideration shall be awarded to films over 72 mins.

-The winners shall be notified by email within 3 weeks of entires closing and will receive a digital certificate.

-The awards competition is open to people all over the world.

-You are encouraged to enter as many categories as you wish. Be assured that although you have better odds at winning the more “obscure” categories, no guarantee is given that you will win anything.

So if you have a film ready to go, then head here

Browse the categories and submit to the one of your choice, and of course. To every filmmaker out there who clicks that submit button. We wish you all the very best.

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