Venturing into ‘Dirty Work’ Directed by Louisa Warren ( @louisawarren ) ( @LeftFilms ) #supportindiefilm #movies Out on VOD

When Arabella,(played by Kate Palmerston) a struggling fashion designer decides to take a money paying job working as a personal shopper for Marylin (played by Claudine Helene Aumord) – a very successful erotic novelist. Arabella’s life turns into a new direction when she witnesses Marilyn cheating on her husband. As Arabells sees more and more of these physical affairs, things come to a head when Marilyn admits that she knows Arabella is watching her and has been the whole time. But erotic adventures dont always get to a lovely happy climax and soon things take a darker turn as someone else becomes aware of the growing bond between these two women.

From Director Louisa Warren

Written by Shannon Holiday

Dirty Work (previously titled Personal Shopper a.k.a. The Shoppers Secret) is the directorial debut of Actress/Producer Louisa Warren whos previous roles include Unhinged, and Darker Shades Of Elise, as she steps behind the camera to helm this erotic drama from the writer of House on Elm Lake and Darker Shades of Elise. So how does Louisa fare behind the camera?, At the core is a wonderful script with a very interesting enticing story, however there is something missing and to be honest. I didnt know what it was.

Looking at the clock on my blu ray player, I didnt notice that when the first erotic set piece begins, its only ten minutes into the film, so perhaps this was something that threw me off a little.. Did I have enough time to get used to the characters before I saw them playing onscreen (and the first erotic set piece is pretty erotic I might add) but perhaps it just happens a little too soon in the film but hey thats my opinion.

When watching Dirty Work, it did remind me Fifty Shades of Grey, and by that I mean the book, not the film. When the book came out in paperback I was working at a retailer and people couldn’t get enough of the story Dirty Work reminded me of that mass panic about having to read this story, because everyone else (apparently) was reading it. Dirty Work is perfect for the ‘Mommy Porn’ generation (hey I didn’t make that phrase, the media did when EL James’s books went flying off the shelves quicker than Duracel batteries in an Ann Summers store.

The erotic scenes are filmed as graphic as they can be without sending film censors into a frenzy (think Red Shoe Diaries or Wild Orchid) but unfortunately this film does suffer under the the story details I mentioned previously and with the strength of the story of Darker Shades of Elise, which was not only an erotic film but also was very much energized with fully realized characters in a realistic scenario but with a touch edge and whilst Dirty Work has a storyline that could happen it doesn’t have the ruthlessness or danger that make me put Darker Shades of Elise in my top films of i its release year and whilst some of the characters in Dirty Work are doing believable things, its because we havent spent enough time with them before they enter the erotic world, we presume that they have always been this way and so arent really doing anything different.

What I did notice with the sexual scenes (and it seems to be the case with most scenes of this nature in films) is that we see far more female nudity than we do male nudity (which is fine by me but I have had feedback from fans of the erotic genre that there is still a massive imbalance when it comes to what you see from female nudity and what you see from male nudity) With gender equality fighting its continuing battle, I guess that onscreen this battle also rages (as well as with the censors)

So is Dirty Work worth watching? Well yes it is and for a directorial debut, Louisa has done a wonderful job and the film should (and I hope it does) keep those fans of the Fifty Shades books and the erotic genre, very satisfied (no pun intended) until the end credits. Is it the best film I have seen this year? Sadly not but I dont need every film to be an amazing film. I just need every film to keep me entertained for the duration of the story and Dirty Work did that. I enjoyed seeing what Louisa Warren has done on her first directing outing, and cant to see what she does next. Shes done a great job with this wonderful cinematic foreplay.

Dirty Work is available now

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