The Final Scream, another gem from Proportion Prods. ( @proportionprod ) #supportindiefilm

Another gem from the world of Proportion Production, this time heading back into the horror genre with a wonderful throwback to the era of classic slasher thrillers.with The Final Scream.

When ‘Kia’ (played by Kate Lister ), a failing actress takes a casting call that seems like a dream job, we the viewer not that all will not go well, and sure enough we are right. When she shows up at the ‘set’ for an a-typical horror story, she begins to feel on top of the world and appears to be getting the recognition she feels she deserves, but all that turns sour in this slow burning film that turns the heat up on the audience over its running time. Whilst ‘we can see the plot twists coming, I feel that this is 100% on purpose and the only one ‘not in the know’ is ‘Kia’. But we all know she will find out, but perhaps when its too late to get out alive.

Some people may watch this film and find it a bit cheesy, predictable, and a run of the mill kill film, but I loved that about The Final Scream. Its like visiting an old friend that we haven’t seen for a while (in this film, the girl in distress slasher tale and I for one (and Im sure im not alone) was very glad to revisit one of the fun genres of the movie world. This isnt the lengthiest of reviews Ive ever written, and it doesn’t really need to be. Just know that this film is a fun trip and well put together by a team that dont know how to sleep. Proportion Productions are constantly working on something and their output is constant.

Great work as always by Proportion Production and writer/director Scott Jeffrrey (writer of Fox Trap and Unhinged)


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