Arrow Video brings Jörg Buttgereit’s ‘Schramm’ to blu ray ( @Arrowfilmsvideo )

Lothar Schramm, the so-called “Lipstick Killer”, lies dying in a pool of blood and paint. As he expires, fragments of his life flash before his eyes – his uneasy friendship with the prostitute that lives next door (Nekromantik 2’s Monika M); the brutal slaughter of a pair of doorstep evangelists whose bodies he poses in obscene fashion; his unhealthy pastime of hammering nails into his own manhood.

Told in an entirely non-linear fashion, Jörg Buttgereit’s Schramm – with its nightmarish hallucinatory sequences involving severed limbs and gaping, sharp-toothed female genitalia – comes about as close as a film can get to transporting you directly into the world of a sick, disordered mind and Schramm was my first venture into the mind of Jörg Buttgereit’ and what a trip it was. Super unique filmmaking style which is settling in my mind as I write this article.Did I like it, (not sure), I certainly didnt dislike the film thats for sure, but when you see a new style of film, it does take your mind a little while to work out if this film is within your comfort zone.

The film looks great with its new transfer, the film sounds great for the same reason and for those who are familiar with the work of Jörg Buttgereit’, you will be treated with over two hours of special features (not including the two full length commenteries) that delve not only into the world of Schramm, but the career of Jörg Buttgereit including a wonderful 40 minute Q&A with the man himself which was recorded at a recent film festival. Really interesting conversation.  The complete special features list is here.


HD transfer overseen by the filmmakers
High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation
Original uncompressed Stereo 2.0 audio
Optional English subtitles
Limited edition digipak packaging featuring new artwork by Gilles Vranckx
Limited edition certificate
Set of 5 exclusive Schramm “polaroid” postcards
Soundtrack CD
Limited edition 60-page book


Archival audio commentary with director/co-writer Jörg Buttgereit and co-writer Franz Rodenkirchen
Archival audio commentary with actors Florian Von Gustorf and Monika M
Tomorrow I Will Be Dirt: Scenes from the Afterlife of Lothar Schramm (2019) – brand new animated short film sequel to Schramm made by award-winning filmmaker and stop-motion artist Robert Morgan, produced exclusively for this release
Take My Body: The Journey of a Blow-up Doll – writer Kier-La Janisse on how she came to be the owner of a particularly interesting piece of Schramm memorabilia
Jörg Buttgereit in conversation with Arrow Video’s Ewan Cant at the 2019 Offscreen Film Festival
The Making of Schramm – archival behind-the-scenes documentary
Mein Papi – Jörg Buttgereit short film available in HD for the first time ever and with optional director audio commentary
Jesus – Der Film (1995) – short film segment directed by Jörg Buttgereit
Two short films by Schramm producer Manfred Jelinski: Orpheus in der Oberwelt (1970) and Ein Ku’ze’ Film übe’ Hambu’g (1990)
Extensive image gallery
Jörg Buttgereit Trailer Gallery


CD featuring the complete Schramm score

Exclusive perfect-bound book featuring new writing from Virginie Selavy and Graham Rae, all illustrated with new artwork and original archival stills


So all in all Schramm was a fun experience, gory, quirky, distrubring, insightful and definately watchable and well worth checking out for fans of classic horror films.

Out now on Special Edition Bluray 

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