What happened to Barret Oliver, the kid from DARYL, The Neverending Story and Cocoon

If you were around in the cinemas in the mid 80s then you will be familiar with the face of Mr Barret Oliver, whos roles in the likes of Th Neverending Story, D.A.R.Y.L, and Cocoon made him a recognizable visitor to our screens. Whilst rewatching Cocoon recently I wondered what became Of Barret, had he just grown up and wasnt recognizable to me anymore, or had he quit acting all together. So i went on a little bit of a mission to find out. Born in August 1973 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Barret Spencer Oliver. His first onscreen role was in a 1981 episode of The Incredible Hulk with follow on roles in shows such as Knight Rider, Love Sidney, and Lottery, but it was his role as Bastien in 1984s The Neverending Story that brought him to our attention, and gave him a career right up to the end of the 1980s, with his final role being in the 1989 Scenes From The Class Struggle in Beverly Hills, the Paul Bartel directed comedy where Barret played the role of ‘Willie/

But then where did Barret go?

After leaving the acting world at the turn of the 90s, Barret has taken up life as a printer and a photographer and specialized in nineteenth century processes (after studying studied under artist Stephen Berkman and master photographers Cole Weston and George Tice Barrets ) work has been displayed in museums and gallery exhibitions as well as being used in films. In 2007 his book A History of the Woodburytype was published by Carl Mautz Publishingv and is still listed on Amazon

Barret has also published several articles on the subject but under a pseudonym to prevent his onscreen fame from overshadowing his off screen work, Now in nearly 50 Barret Oliver of course looks very different from the younger Barret we were all familiar with as one fan attended one of Oliver’s photo exhibitions where she saw the actor turned photographer in person. “He has a full beard, wears glasses and has long hair,” she wrote on one of many dedicated fan websites. “His voice was recognizable, he wasn’t really tall, and spoke quietly.”



13 thoughts on “What happened to Barret Oliver, the kid from DARYL, The Neverending Story and Cocoon

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  2. This is very interesting and I am surprised I didn’t know this about him. I too am a practitioner of the 19th-century process of collodion photography. We are a small tight community and many of us know each other.


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