Which Fox 2000 films will survive in the new Disney era?

After the takeover/merger of Disney and Fox, Disneys film studio chief Alan Horn has begun the task of streaming the workload and already several Fox projects have been jettisoned from the development and preproduction list.. It was recently reported that the $170 million budgeted film Mouse Guard, had been culled, and now an adaptation of Angie Thomas’ best-seller On the Come Up has left the Fox/Disney slate. Also poised for dismissal is Fruit Loops, which had Woody Harrelson lined up to star

Of course these two films (and any others that are to become ‘chopped’) are more than likely to be shopped to other studios and hopefully this will be the case. . Im still not sure how I feel about the Disney acquisition of Fox and of course the powers that be wont be concerning themselves with my opinion but I know that I feel sad that Fox 2000 was a great creator and distributor of the ‘smaller films’ and more independent productions such as Fight Club, Man on Fire, and The Hate U Give.  Whilst its super unlikely that Disney would ever have released these titles. I do live in hope that the smaller films do find a way. It would be a huge loss to cinema if the film world was filled with franchise films and sequels.


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