The Sisters Plotz showcases on Amazon Prime ( @TheSistersPlotz )

It seems like an age ago (and it was) since I first wrote about the film The Sisters Plotz. In fact I wrote about it in 2015 and again in 2017 and its great to be writing about it again. But the big news is that i not only get to write about The Sisters Plotz, but I can let you all in on the knowledge that you too can watch it on Amazon Prime Video. Yep its there with that lovely white banner which we all love to see on the films that scroll passed us when we brown the film lists.

“The Sisters Plotz” is a surreal, madcap musical comedy inside the world of three eccentric heiresses: Celestia, Ladybug, and Whimsellica.

The sisters live in New York City with their darling Butler, Reginald Hilarity ensues when they must outwit a snooping gossip columnist, a city councilwoman set on turning the Plotz Mansion into a public park, and several schemers trying to get a piece of their large inheritance.

The film is a loving nod to old Hollywood as seen through a camp indie lens. Imagine “Grey Gardens” directed by John Waters and choreographed by Busby Berkeley!

Directed by Lisa Hammer,


Written by Lisa Ferber,


Starring Eve Plumb, Lisa Ferber and Lisa Hammer

You can enjoy this fun-filled ride on  Amazon. What are you waiting for?

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