First Trailer releases for His Hands ( @hishandsfilm ) from Darius Shu ( @Dariousshu ) and Arron Blake ( @Actorarronblake ) #supportindiefilm #movies

When two men of different ages meet. This is the strangest encounter of their lives. A very short premise which thankfully doesnt give too much away but sets the tone for His Hands, from the creative minds of Arron Blake and Darius Shu.

The short film should be out at some point this year and I cant wait to see it (but I will wait to see it) and is the directorial debut of Arron Blake who I had the pleasure of chatting with last week on episode 416 of The Movie Show which you can listen to HERE and it was a super interesting chat with a surprise appearance of Darius Shu. But enough of my typing for now. What you should be doing right now, it clicking the trailer link below and checking out the just released trailer for His Hands., You can keep up to date with His Hands on social media by adding yourself to their Twitter feed at

I did ponder doing a review of the trailer, but you know what. I think its far better to make up your own mind and thoughts from the trailer. However I shall definitely be reviewing the film once its out there in the world.


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