The Lost Viking demands your attention Out on DVD, Digital HD and VOD 28th May 2018

Bloody mayhem reigns supreme in this gritty Viking survival story set against a backdrop of the breathtaking Welsh landscape!

Starring the cast of Game of Thrones and Vikings, including rising British star Dean Ridge (Dunkirk, Doctor Strange), and featuring a dazzling array of bone-crushing gladiatorial pit fights and blood-shedding battles of epic proportion, The Lost Viking is the must-own adventure for adrenaline seekers and admirers of medieval action alike.

Dean Ridge delivers an epic performance as the determined adventurer Vitharr, who braves the harsh new environments of this foreign land and its dangers in order to reach the safehaven of his Uncle’s settlement. The cast also boasts an array rising Welsh talent including Ross O’Hennessy (Game of Thrones, Mission: Impossible Fallout) as the intimidating Wyman, the savage leader of the mercenary force hunting down Vitharr, and Kezia Burrows (Apple Tree Yard, Doctor Foster) as Herja, a fellow Viking captive who shows Vitharr the warmth of humanity is all but lost in this desolate land.

With superb moments of high-octane action, fought across a gloomy yet picturesque landscapes, and genuine moments of compassion, The Lost Viking is a must-own for fans of swords, Saxons, and Viking savagery.

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