Your Move showcases the wonderful directorial debut of @LukeGoss . Released by @tbirdreleasing

Much has been made, and much will be made of Your Move being the directorial debut of Singer, turned, Actor, turned Director Luke Goss (from Bros fame) and you know what. Much should be made of that fact, because with Your Move, the story of a man who witnesses the kidnapping of his wife and daughter over video chat, Luke (and his crew of course) have done a fantastic job with what could be described as a basic plot. The film is gorgeous and from its beautiful nocturnal shots of New York transitioning into the scene that David’s (played y Luke Goss)  entire character development begins with and hinges on (the emotional shock of witnessing a crime that you have no control over because its happening in a different country, right at the time you ware watching it) the film is wonderfully handled and shot by the camera.

Your Move isnt just a run of the mill action film with one man taking on an army with the goal of rescuing his loved ones from the clutches of villains. Your Move is a great character drama which follows a Father/Husband (Luke Goss) on the trail of those who have ripped part of his life from his hands right before his eyes.. But dont think you arent going to get some of the brilliant physical acting that Luke Goss is known for, this guy gives 100% in every film I’ve seen him in (and ive seen him in quite a few films over the years, from Blade, 2, to Interview With A Hitman) and every bit of his hard work shows on screen and Your Move is no different in that regard.

But Your Move isnt just the Luke Goss show (although he is of course the main character in this tale), Luke has put together a wonderful cast which includes Robert Davi (Licence To Kill, Die Hard) , Patricia De Leon (Bad Ass. Lincoln Heights) , Jeanette Samano (Female Fight Club), and more to expand this tale of kidnapping and violence.

Your Move is a great gritty thriller/drama that not only deserves all the attention it can get, but is also (I hope) the first of many films that have the credit ‘Directed By Luke Goss’ on its sequence. Hes done a wonderful job on this film, and I cant wait to see whats next for this multi talented creative soul.

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Written and Directed by Luke Goss

Your Move is released by Thunderbird Releasing on February 5th 2017


4 thoughts on “Your Move showcases the wonderful directorial debut of @LukeGoss . Released by @tbirdreleasing

  1. A truly amazing film, I was totally gripped by the powerful story. Luke and his co stars were spot on in every way. Luke is a fantastic actor, director and all round great guy. he has my support 100% xx

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  2. I was fortunate to see this film at The Romford film premiere. Intense, fast paced, well written with quality acting! You will love to hate the villain! Luke Goss, his diectorial debut is a must see! Can’t wait to see more of your films and as for your acting!…well James Bond role was made for you!

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