Spending Time With…’David Ryan Keith, ( @EvilAvidEditor ) director of GHOSTS OF DARKNESS


David Ryan Keith’s paranormal spooker GHOSTS OF DARKNESS premieres on digital March 7 from Uncork’d Entertainment. Two paranormal investigators are unexpectedly thrown together in the hope of solving a 100-year mystery.
Locked for three nights in a house with a dark and unsettling past, the two investigators must put their differences to one side and work together. They soon discover the myths and stories are nothing compared to what actually resides within the eerie walls of Richwood Manor. Scepticism and showmanship are soon put to one side when the two investigators realise there is more at stake than just their professional reputation. For once they have stumbled onto the real thing, but this time it’s their own lives at stake

I wasnt about to refuse the chance to send over a few questions to Writer, Director, Producer, …to name a few of this manes creative job titles. Mr David Ryan Keith , who took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to answer a few of my “prepared earlier” questions for this ongoing series of “Spending Time With,,,” articles. Whilst many of you might be familiar with my filmed project ‘Spending Time With…’ ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5884988/?ref_=nv_sr_1 ) that is due out this year. I was also reminded that its  impossible for me to sit down and chat with everyone I would like to sit with so So I brought the ‘Spending Time With…’ series to frompage2screen,com.

Many thanks to David for taking the time to help me with this article, and also to the people at October Coast Publicity for helping arrange it.


So without any more delay by me. Lets see what David Ryan Keith thinks of the following questions.


What’s the most ‘starstruck’ you have been?

I was travelling to the Cannes Film Festival when I spotted Kurt Russell on our plane, I’m a huge fan of Big Trouble In Little China, so it was a bit of a geek moment for me. Funnily enough we also got stuck behind him in the airport check in queue on the way home, a few brave passengers got turned down for an autograph while we stood behind him, so I thought it best not to bother him with Jack Burton impressions.

What’s your most memorable ‘fan’ encounter?

We had travelled down from Scotland to England for a film festival screening of Ghosts of Darkness, I was talking to some of the festival audience when a guy came over and recommended I watch a certain film he loved. Strangely it turned out to be the first feature film we ever made, I can now sleep peacefully at night knowing at least one person on this planet enjoyed that film J


What was one of the most memorable films you saw as a child?

I grew up watching movies in the 80’s and early 90’s, I think it’s fair to say this era was a golden age for cinema, lots of original fresh ideas and great films. The list would be endless, but if I was to name a few I’d have to mention some of the classics like The Goonies, They Live, Indiana Jones, RoboCop, Predator etc. Compulsive viewing for any teenager.

What do you find the hardest part of your creative process?

Writing the screenplays is always tough for me; we’re working with really small budgets, so you really have to think carefully about what you can realistically achieve on screen. It’s a frustrating process to get used to, but getting the chance to make any kind of film always outweighs the negatives.


When it comes to watching films? Physical Media or Digital?

I kind of miss owning physical movies, but I understand why Digital is the future. The industry is changing constantly now, fingers crossed it’s for the best for independent film companies like ours.

If you could change one thing about the industry you are in, what would it be?

I could spend all day answering this question, but the one thing that bothers me is how commercial horror movies in general are looked down at when it comes to funding at the independent level. It’s a no brainer for me, it’s a huge market, has a loyal fan base and gives low budget film makers like me the best chance at seeing a return on your film. But sadly when it comes to reaching out for funding, most national film bodies are only interested in artistic films (I’m only speaking from my own experience, could be wrong)


Do you read reviews of shows that you are in?

Unfortunately I do, I want to know if people enjoyed or hated the film, after all you’re ultimately making the movie for the audience. I think it’s important to listen to what people say and learn from any criticism if it’s constructive. Our new film Ghosts Of Darkness seems to be surviving the first wave of online magazine reviews , so I’m hopeful it will sit well with the horror community when it comes out next month.

What is one of your most favourite locations you have filmed in?

I live in Scotland so you don’t have to travel far to find some spectacular locations, spending sixteen days in the old haunted mansion we used on Ghosts Of Darkness was fun, it’s a filmmakers dream to find practical locations that look great on camera.


What film always makes you laugh?

Hard Target – Only Van Damme can knock out a cobra snake with a single karate punch and make it look cool J

In your creative roles? What is the longest day that you’ve ever had?

Filming a movie is a slow process; 12 hours can feel like an eternity when you’re having a bad day. Once I shot corporate video showing a pipeline being towed out to sea, that was 23 hours non –stop.


Do you have any ‘props or keepsakes from your films?

My house is full of random props from our films. Axe’s, guns, masks, you name it. Really I should get rid of all the stuff I know I’ll never use again, but it’s fun to look back on some of the weird props we’ve acquired over the years.

What excites you most about the film world today?

With the advances in camera technology and the fact the distribution process is becoming more streamlined, it can only be a good thing for smaller production companies like ours. It’s also cool to see films the bigger studios would never had touched, it’s a good time to be making independent movies.

How many movies do you think you watch a year?

I’d hate to know the answer to this question, way too many I would suspect L


Starring Michael Koltes ( Capsule, Allies) , Steve Weston ( The Veteran, My Brothers Keeper), Lisa Livingstone (Sea Of Souls)


If youd like to participate in the ‘Spending Time With…’ series then please get in touch with me via Twitter ( @frompage2screen ) or email at frompage2screen@gmail.com


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