“Life On The Line” On Digital 20th and DVD 27th February from Lionsgate ( @lionsgateuk )

It seems that recently when you see the name John Travolta attached to a film you sort of let out a sigh. You remember the days when John Travolta was great onscreen. Films such as Pulp Fiction, Face/Off, Phenomenon, all spring to mind. Hell if you are as old as I am, films such as Saturday Night Fever, and Grease even spring to mind. But lately things sort of cooled off for John, but those days are done! I have just watched the David Hackl directed film “Life On The Line” brought to you by Loionsgate Premiere which features John Travolta as part of a small ensemble cast of “Linemen” and is based on true events.


Ill be honest and say that I hadnt heard of “linemen” before watching this film and perhaps you havent heard of “linemen” either. Well without them, we might not be reading this article, or watching Youtube or Netflix or even sitting i a non dark room with the heating on. “Linemen” are the lifeline of electricity, they are the footsoldiers of electrical outages who brave their lives to make sure that the power keeps flowing to wherever we need it to keep flowing too. and since the film was conceived, Dozens and dozens of them have been killed in the line of duty (and thats just in the USA) Sermon Over!

“Life on the Line” follows a small crew of high-wire workers whos job is to fix and maintain the electrical grid which is a dangerous enough job in itself but even worse when they are hit by a deadly storm.

Just remember though, this film is based on true events. Very scary!


John Travolta gives another great performance to add to his career, but its the supporting cast who shine brightest. Kate Bosworth as “Bailey” and Devon Sawa as “Duncan” are two of the standouts in this riveting, pulsating thriller that gives us wonderfully engaging characters and allows us to look into easily one of the scariest jobs I can imagine. Makes me realise that I never need to feel that I’ve had a tough day at the office when I look at the world of the “linemen”

Whilst watching the film I was pondering what film this reminded me of, and whilst the film does have some of the ingredients that a lot of thrillers and dramas have. “Life on the Line” is its own unique glimpse into a world we arent familiar with. I love the film for that. I also love that (and this isn’t a spoiler) but the fact the film ends with some onscreen text, giving us statistics about “linemen” and highlighting the charity Fallen Linemen Organization (the link it at the bottom of this article) The film and the charity takes this occupation very serious, and throughout the film we hear bits of dialogue that reminds us not only how dangerous this job is, but also how serious and focused the men and women who do this job have to be. They get distracted and they can die.


But its not all educational. This isnt a documentary although it is a highly interesting document. “Life on the Line” is a highly entertaining film, with interesting people, several subplots and not only reminds you how cool an actor John Travolta is, but also reminds you that we as human being take a hell of a lot for granted. Like the fact the lights will come on tomorrow when we push our switch or turn our dials.

Thank you to the linesmen.







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