Not one but two great features coming from Steven Berkoff


Directed by Steven Cookson


Directed by Steven Cookson

From the same team that produced ‘Stanley a Man of Variety’ in 2015 comes Steven Berkoff’s Tell Tale Heart and ‘Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villains’


Adapted from the short story by Edgar Allan Poe. Tell Tale Heart is told by an unnamed narrator, who endeavors to convince the audience of his sanity, whilst describing a murder he has committed.

The story has been adapted by Stephen Cookson & Steven Berkoff who plays Edmund, as the lead in the film.

This is producers Stephen Cookson and Peter Keegan’s fifth project together and is shot by Director of Photography Ismael Issa (We Still Kill The Old Way) and line produced by Patricia Rybarczyk (Bonded By Blood 2)

The crew are also back together to for ‘Shakespeare’s Heroes and Villian’s’ which is being shot back to back following ‘Tell Tale Heart’, which will see Steven Berkoff recite passages from various Shakespearean plays which he will then analyze and discuss.

Peter Keegan of CK Films is co-financing with Gary Collins of Red Rock Entertainment. The producers are currently talking to sales agents about handling worldwide sales.

Henry Goodman (The Damned United), Hugh Skinner (W1A, The Windsors), Dudley Sutton (The Pink Panther Strikes Again) and Mark Brailsford feature in ‘Tell Tale Heart’ as supporting cast..

For fans of Steven Berkoff, (that includes me)  2017 is extra special!


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