Grimm Up North( @grimmfest ) just announced Silence of The Lambs (25th Anniversary)

After a mini hiatus on monthly events while they focused on Supernova & Grimmfest (I attended a brilliant screening of Aliens:Theatrical Edition at Supernova) the team are back with the first of many new horror screenings! This time around its at the Manchester Central Library as part of Scalarama to screen another cult literary classic. On September 13th the team celebrate the 25th anniversary of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS by screening this classic horror on the big screen!

unnamed (1)

This classic follows Clarice Starling, a young intelligent FBI trainee, who has been sent to the Baltimore state hospital for the criminally insane to interview an inmate, Dr. Hannibal “the cannibal” Lecter. A brilliant renowned psychiatrist turned infamous psychopathic serial killer. She must match wits with Lecter – who has the darkest of all minds – and trust him to give her clues in the search for Buffalo Bill; a loose, unknown and unstoppable psychopathic serial killer.

Past screenings at the library have sold out well in advance due to limited capacity to book tickets whilst you can


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