Supernova tickets now on sale. Brought to you by Grimmfest ( @grimmfest )

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Tickets are now on sale!!!! Go get them.

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Such a great fun line up from the team that bring you Grimmfest and theres something for all range of Scifi fans. For me I think the most exciting screening would be the Assembly Cut of Alien 3. Now I love Alien 3 anyways but when the massive DVD box set came out and included the Assembly cut. I was blown away. Not just a longer version of the continuing adventure of Ellen Ripley, but the alternate scenes and even a different Alien, show us what David Fincher had in mind for the film before all the studio meddling cause Fox to slap the theatrical version together. Ive seen the Assembly Cut but never on the big screen. For those attending Supernova, I highly recommend that one.

On Saturday night they play host to the UK premiere of ‘Moonwalkers’, starring Rupert Grint (Harry Potter), Robert Sheehan (Misfits) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy). ‘Moonwalkers’ is set in 1969, and tells the hilariously dangerous tale of  an unstable CIA agent who fails to locate the legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick and must instead team up with a seedy rock band manager to develop the biggest con of all time: A live television staging of the moon landing.


The closing night film slot at Supernova is the UK premiere of the amazing ‘Andron:The Black Labyrinth’ With an all-star cast including Alec Baldwin, Michelle Ryan and Danny Glover  ‘Andron’ follows a group of unknown prisoners trapped in a mysterious and deadly maze. They will have to find answers, to decipher the signs, understand the codes and face a dangerous journey to discover the secret of Andron.

Thats just a taster of whats been shown at Supernova in Manchester. Do head over to the website and check out their full listings.

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