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With the lovely news that web series“Cops and Monsters” has been accepted into the Los Angeles Film Awards 2016 for Best Web Series. Its a great time to show you some of the episodes of Scottish indie digital series, Cops and Monsters. Filming has wrapped on Episode 5 and due to a scheduling issue for very early next year, the team at Cops and Monsters are heading pretty much straight into Episode 6 before some of their cast become unavailable until mid-2017. Currently raising their budget on Kickstarter, please give them a retweet or a share if you can.


Click HERE to head to their campaign page

£153 remaining

Cops and Monsters takes you into the world of vampires, werewolves, zombies and cults….well rather more like The Cult (the person, not the band) With a wonderful mix of characters its not all monsters though. Lets not forget the cops. Or as they call them in the show The PITS team who are all that stand between the creatures and you.

Billy Kirkwood During the Filming of 'Cops and Monsters' in Glasgow - 19 January 2014

Filmed purely with money from crowdfunding, Fraser Coull (and his team) are doing a fantastic job battling to get their show made with donations from the public. Whilst there are creative organisations out there designed to help indie filmmakers put their projects together. They arent anywhere to be seen around Cops and Monsters HQ. But considering the obstacles. Cops and Monsters has already shot 5 episodes, plus some special episodes and a music video. Fingers crossed the funding for Episode 6 will be a success and that leaves just Episode 7 to finish Series One. Plans are to film that one mid next year the last I heard. They are currently a stones throw from hitting their budget.

Maya Draws Her Gun in 'Cops and Monsters' - 18 July 2015

Whilst Cops and Monsters has a lot going for it, its the guest stars that appeal to a lot of the public. With guest appearances by Sarah Louise Madison (The Weeping Angel from Doctor Who), Caitlin Blackwood (Doctor Who’s young Amy Pond). Rachel Teate (Wolfblood), Mhairi Calvey (Braveheart) and Sophie Aldred (Doctor Who) There is indeed something for everyone in this show.

Whilst the story of Cops and Monsters growing universe is an impressive one. The story behind how hard the team are working to put this show together is just as fascinating.


Here are the episodes for you to check out

Original Pilot Episode

The New Recruit

Preparing The Weapon

In Crimson

Revolution In A Tea Cup

Coming in 2016

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