Bring on the Brotherhood ( @thehoodmovies ) #supportindiefilm

First there was


Then they entered


and now we will find out all about


Written and Directed by Noel Clarke.


Featuring Noel Clarke (I Am Soldier, The Anomaly),Jason Maza (The Hooligan Factory, Fish Tank), Nick Nevern (White Collar Hooligan Trilogy, Terry) , Steven Cree (The Knot, Tower Block) , Olivia Chenery ( Legacy, Penny Dreadful),

Leeshon Alexander (We Are Monster) , Tonia Sotiropoulou (Skyfall) ,Arnold Oceng (My Brother The Devil) ,Lee Charles (Transit 17) , Fredi Nwaka (Legacy) , Adjoa Andoh (Cucumber)  and many more.

There are a few films due out this year that have me hyped for 2016. The announcement of Brotherhood just made 2016 an even better year.


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