The final trailer for Witch by @Trevhayward is here @witchmovie

I see a lot of trailers for films, I also read ten times more articles about films than I watch trailers and that adds up to a lot of films I know about. My focus is on UK made films especially the indie films, I am fortunate enough to speak with a lot of filmmakers and love keeping up to date with their projects usually from the midway point to the completion. However now and again I am fortunate enough to be able to follow a projects journey frompage2screen (see what I did there) and one of those projects is the Trevor Hayward film ‘Witch’. I remember speaking with Trev on one of my podcasts in what must be at least a couple of years ago now, and he told me of one project which would them be followed by a project called ‘Witch’


That first film didnt happen as I think ‘Witch’ rose up and Trev just HAD to make this his next feature. Since that time, I have kept up with him and members of the cast as they schedule a days shoot here, and a days shoot there and piece a very mysterious film together. I was even fortunate enough (thanks to Trev) to be able to attend the set for a days shoot and also be allowed to do a fair chunk of publicity for the film (which I will tell you….isnt easy when you dont really know what the film is about. But it makes it more fun thats for sure)

Well last night, I was once again lucky enough to have been able to see the final trailer for the film and in all honesty I have seen quite a few trailers for Witch over the past year and whilst I liked them all, I figured that this final one would be a similar trailer to the others. Oh how wrong was I.

I looked at the clock and 21 seconds into the trailer I was hooked. Everything about this trailer made me want to watch the film right now. I cant put into words (which isnt fun for someone who has to put things into words) how much I enjoyed the final trailer for Witch and if youve made it to the end of this article, then please do click the link and have a look for yourself.

Trev and the crew have done an amazing job on the film and please do tell them that.

Also follow the films official Twitter page @witchmovie and find them on Facebook HERE

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