Gang of Hoods (short film) and 2 (teaser trailer) by @iamlouistaylor

Its time to share a teaser trailer. So which one is it today?

Well its the short film Gang Of Hoods II by Louis Taylor

Not familiar with Gang of Hoods (1)? Nope? Well I wasnt either but thankfully the people at Louman Entertainment sorted that out as they have the first film on You tube for you.

So heres the first film

Gang of Hoods (2012)

Directed by Louis Taylor.


Louis Taylor

Daniel Attrill

Warren Day


Sophie Brown

When Billy is taken hostage by violent hooded youths, best friend Tommy must track them down and rescue him from the brutal hands of the gang before it’s too late.

Now that youve watched Gang Of Hoods, heres the newly uploaded teaser trailer for

Gang Of Hoods II

After the tragic death of Billy’s girlfriend Chloe, Billy spirals out of control. Tommy, desperate to get Billy’s life back on track offers his help, but the revelation soon becomes clear that the only way they can both move on, is to put an end to the demons and the person responsible for Chloe’s death once and for all


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