Trailer Park for July

Thought I would share some of the films coming out in July (and very early August) Not just on the big screen but also on the small screen in your house.

I will keep this article updated as I come across more trailers for you but for now here are some of the highlights that I have found so far.



July 4th


Set in the world of the future. Ryan, a former soldier is taken captive and awakens in the back of a van where he learns that he only has a few minutes to figure out how he got there.

Not just a visual treat, but Director Noel Clarke and Writer Simon Lewis have put together a very strange film in a wonderful day. Check out The Anomaly.



Cheating a little bit, and heading into a release due in August. I found this trailer and wanted to share it with you. Starring Robert ‘Freddy’ Englund but featuring some wonderful UK talent including Keith Allen, Allistair McNab, Emily Berrington and Finn Jones.

The Last Showing tells of  couple trapped in a cinema who find themselves being manipulated into becoming unwilling actors in a film being captured by CCTV cameras.


Home Release.

July 14th 



With a cast list that assembles some of the best British acting talent around, and a plot Written by Michael Lindley and Director/Writer/Actor Nick Nevern. The Hooligan Factory is a comedy spoof film with heart. Some people glanced at the title and figured this film was yet another in the long line of football thug movies. So wrong, so wrong. This film is one of the funniest films of the year (I have to say ‘one of’ because its only July)

To delve into plot details about The Hooligan Factory would take away a lot of the fun. So give this trailer a once over and see what you think.



A slightly confusing one here. According to Fox Searchlight, Starred Up is available for Digital Download on July 14th, but will hit DVD and Blu Ray on August 4th. However Play.Com have the DVD listed as July 14th. A puzzler.

David Mackenzie’s film Starred Up stars Jack O’Connell (Skins, Tower Block) as a troubled and violent teenager transferred to adult prison (‘Starred Up’) where he finally meets his match – a man who also happens to be his father.

Jack O’Connell is proving himself to be a powerful actor, coming from a TV background each role he takes showcases just how good he is at what he does. Currently filming a war movie in Blackburn, UK. Starred Up looks to be a fantastic, grim, powerful film.

Heres the trailer.






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