Revisiting the White Collar Hooligan

Last year I saw the DVD of The Rise and Fall of A White Collar Hooligan.A great little film that in all honesty I hadnt heard of initially but soon was the talk of Twitter and various other websites (including my own).

White Collar Hooligan follows Mike Jacobs (played by Nick Nevern) who gets himself involved in a credit fraud scheme where things go from dodgy to worse. Its a great film written and directed by Paul Tanter.

I knew a follow-up film was in the pipeline but only last week did I see the announcement that White Collar Hooligan 2:England Away is hitting DVD and Blu Ray in the UK this coming Monday (20th) 2 days after my birthday.

So today Annette and I rewatched White Collar Hooligan 1 in anticipation for part 2.

I still love that film. I wont go into details and who is great in the film and what I love about it , just to say that it is still one of my favourite UK films. Which is no mean feat as I have a collection of 180 something UK films and I have seen around 160 of them.

I am glad that we did rewatch the film this afternoon as it keeps the storyline and the characters all fresh in my mine for the viewing of White Collar Hooligan 2:England Away in a couple or so days. I wonder what has happened to the characters since the closing credits. I wont who is in the film and who is not (of course you can cheat and look at the imdb page, but wheres the fun in that)

For those of you who havent seen The Rise and Fall of A White Collar Hooligan.

Check it out on Netflix. I know its on the UK ‘store’

DVD wise, you can pick it up online cheap enough

Check the film out, and get ready for the sequel.


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