Lucky McKee’s ‘May’ gets the Second Sight treatment for this glorious bluray release 24th July. Pre Order Now ( @SecondSightFilm )

Look how glorious this set is!! Look. isnt it glorious!   From Writer/ Director Lucky McKee, director of The Woman, comes May starring Angela Bettis, Anna Faris, Jeremy Sisto, and James Duval the film came out in 2002 but has had a wonderful special edition treatment by Second Sight Films and you can preorder the set HERE


May (Angela Bettis ), a socially awkward veterinary assistant with a lazy eye and an obsession with perfection, descends into depravity after developing a crush on a boy with perfect hands.

Special Features 

A new audio commentary with Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

Audio commentary with Director Lucky McKee, Cinematographer Steve Yedlin, Editor Chris Sivertson and Actors Angela Bettis, Nichole Hiltz, and Bret Roberts

Audio commentary with Director Lucky McKee, Editor Rian Johnson, Composer Jammes Luckett (formerly credited as Jaye Barnes Luckett), Production Designer Leslie Keel, and Craft Services guy Benji

The Toymaker: a new interview with Director Lucky McKee

Perfect Hands: a new interview with Actor Jeremy Sisto

Blankety Blank: a new interview with Actor James Duval

How to Execute a Murder: a new interview with Cinematographer Steve Yedlin

Peeling Back the Layers: a new interview with Editor Rian Johnson

Jack and Jill: a new interview with Editor Chris Sivertson

In the Cut: a new interview with Editor Kevin Ford

Blood, Gore and Rock ‘n’ Roll: a new interview with Composer Jammes Luckett

From Frankenstein to May: Miranda Corcoran on May

Bits and Pieces: on the set of May

Limited Edition Contents

Rigid slipcase with new artwork by Bella Grace

70 page  book with new essays by ​​Joseph Dwyer, Dr Rachel Knightley, Mary Beth McAndrews and Heather Wixson

6 collectors’ art cards

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