From Director Ed Westrop , comes Claudia, the love story between Raymond and his mannequin. Screening at the Romford Film Festival May 27th.

I do love a unique film. and Claudia certainly falls into that category. and on Saturday, May 27th at 3:45pm, the feature film ‘Claudia’ directed by Edward Westrop will have its world premiere at The Romford Film Festival. ‘Claudia’ is a black comedy about a misogynistic, sixty-something year old man named Raymond who forms an emotional relationship with a life-sized, female mannequin. This film aims to put a darkly comedic twist on the topic of domestic abuse when Raymond realises that the mannequin, who he names Claudia, is the perfect vessel for his misogynistic, backwards relationship values.

Director of ‘Claudia’, Edward Westrop, is a self-taught filmmaker whose western themed, stop frame animation ‘Cloaked Rider’ was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015. ‘Claudia’ is Westrop’s first feature film and has already been selected by the ‘Out of the Can International Film Festival’ and the ‘London International Film Festival’, gaining both honourable mention and finalist laurels. Alongside directing/self producing his short films, Edward currently works as a Videographer for Future Publishing PLC.

Alain Cooper, who plays Raymond, delivers a strong solo performance acting opposite an inanimate object (Claudia) for the entirety of the film. The emotional journey of Raymond’s character, from a joyous beginning to heartbreaking end, is uncompromisingly executed by Cooper, displaying both his versatility and strong ability to improvise. Cooper has appeared in numerous independent films and was voted Best Actor at Prodigy Film Festival in the short film, ‘Oranda’, which received five awards.

‘Claudia’ will be playing at Premiere Cinemas Romford as part of the festival’s “Short, Sharp and Shocks” section. Following the screening, Cooper and Westrop will take part in a live Q&A session. Tickets are now on sale for £4.00 a ticket on Premiere Cinemas Romford’s website. For more information and screening schedules, please contact The Romford Film Festival.

The film screening is on May 27, 3:45pm at Premiere Cinemas Romford.

Here is the link in which tickets can be bought from the cinema

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