First images are revealed from the set of Federico Zampaglione’s new horror film ‘The Well’ starring Lauren LaVera ( @_LaurenLaVera_ )

Federico Zampaglione is returning to the horror genre with dark supernatural thriller THE WELL, which is currently on a 4-week shoot in locations around Rome.

THE WELL stars Lauren LaVera, fresh from her lead role in the box-office smash Terrifier 2, as Lisa Gray, a budding art restorer, who travels to a small Italian village to bring a medieval painting back to its former glory. Little does she know she is placing her life in danger from an evil curse and a monster born of myth and brutal pain.

Written by Zampaglione and Stefano Masi, the film’s principal producer, this gripping journey into the depths of evil also stars Claudia Gerini, Giovanni Lombardo Radice, Linda Zampaglione, Jonathan Dylan King, Lorenzo Renzi, Taylor Zaudtke, Gianluigi Calvani and Yassine Fadel. 

Now check out these freshly released images from the up and coming film

Lauren LaVera & Claudia Gerini in THE WELL

Giovanni Lombardo Radice in THE WELL

Lauren LaVera in THE WELL

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