‘Dead Bride’ the Award-winning horror gets UK digital premiere on 20 March 2023


Say I do to Dead Bride, a spine-tingling supernatural horror that will have audiences scrambling from the altar. This award-winning, dark and enthralling nerve-jangler from Italian writer-director Francesco Picone (Age of the Dead) is set to arrive on UK digital on 20 March 2023, courtesy of Trinity Creative.

Following the death of her estranged father, Alyson (Jennifer Mischiati – Creators: The Past) inherits her childhood home – despite her father giving her up for adoption when she was a young child, after her mother was declared insane. Putting the past behind them and hoping for a new start and a fresh change of scenery, Alyson and her husband, Richard (Christoph Hülsen – Stolen Days), decide to relocate to the mansion with their young baby.

When Richard goes away on a work trip, things take a distinctly dark turn and as Alyson begins exploring the gloomy old mansion, she soon uncovers some chilling and disturbing secrets…

As she comes face-to-face with her family’s shadowy and shameful history, it becomes apparent that there’s more than just the past haunting her… As trauma resurfaces with a vengeance, it threatens to harm Alyson’s family unit. Can she save them all before it’s too late?

With terrific performances and breathtaking cinematography, this spellbinding and shocking horror promises chills aplenty.

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