From writer director Kelly Smith comes ‘The Fallen Woman’, screening at the Romford Film Festival on Saturday the 25th of February.  ( @romfordhorror )

 Stranded at a remote manor house, Nomi (played by Adrienne Grant ) witnesses the ghost of a pregnant maid who plunged to her death decades earlier. Slowly she starts to suspect that the enfeebled Sir Henry ( John Barham ) and his housekeeper Joyce ( Nicola Wright ) may be harbouring a dark secret.

The Fallen Woman is a 30 minute film from writer director Kelly Smith ( Don’t Let Him In, Unmotivated ) and will be screening at the Romford Film Festival on Saturday the 25th of February.    The Fallen Woman looks super creepy and yes Iv’e only just seen the trailer which you can see here, but even from that the film looks super creepy with great cinematography by Dominic Hutton. and looks very cinematic. I bet it looks fantastic on the big screen.  So for those at Romford this February, do check it out and let me know what you think. I look forward to seeing the film in the near future (sadly I’m not near Romford) 

You can buy tickets for The Fallen Woman HERE

You can learn more about the film and cast on their official IMDB page HERE

From low budget films to large multi-million-pound movies, Romford Horror Festival is a great place to see a fantastic line up of films and also meet a great bunch of filmmakers The festival runs from February 23rd to 26th at Romford’s Premiere Cinema the festival has 102 features and short films which are shown over the four -day run of the festival  Do check them out! and tell them I said hi

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