Roblox Game CREATURES OF SONARIA Series Expands with Multi-Platform Content

Wind Sun Sky Entertainment (WSS) have announced they will team-up with partner Productivity Media, Inc. (PMI), the LA-based film finance and production company, to adapt an episodic scripted series based on the Roblox hit game CREATURES OF SONARIA. Published by Twin Atlas, CREATURES OF SONARIA is based on the explosively popular open world Roblox game with over 378M+ players.

Spanning a visionary world of exotic monsters, dragons and critters bounding, flying and swimming across forests and beneath the seas, CREATURES OF SONARIA spills forth with the possibilities of endless adventure, mystery and deep lore. Through scripted storytelling, the CREATURES OF SONARIA adaptation will bring the games fantastical creatures and epic world to life in a new medium that consumers haven’t experienced before.

Continuing its foray into pioneering scripted content using the Roblox platform, CREATURES OF SONARIA will be the second series from a Roblox game that Wind Sun Sky is adapting, following the previously announced TWILIGHT DAYCARE SERIES.  The adaptation of the game into a narrative universe will be overseen by Catherine Winder, WSS CEO/EP and Jay Bennett, VP Creative Franchise Strategy at WSS, with Productivity Media fully financing the series.

“I am very excited to work with Catherine, Jay and the innovative team of storytellers at WSS to add narrative depth to our characters and in turn further engage and delight our fans in a whole new way,” said Twin Atlas’s Samuel Garcia. 

“As the partnership of PMI and WSS expands, we will continue to look for rich universes with cross platform, immersive potential, like Creatures of Sonaria, to partner up with and extend into the kind of gamified storyworlds  that global audiences and fans are looking for in the metaverse,” said WSS’s Catherine Winder and PMI’s William Santor 
The series adaptation of CREATURES OF SONARIA and the newly announced investment partnership with Wind Sun Sky mark the recent expansion of PMI, which has been active in film finance and production over the last decade and continues to focus on shepherding A-list talent driven features films, episodic and digital content across a variety of genres and platforms.

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