George A Romero’s classic MARTIN gets Limited Edition 4K UHD /Blu-ray Box set & Standard Edition 4K/UHD and Standard Edition Blu-ray on 27th March 2023 ( @SecondSightFilm )

After gaining the frompage2screen award for best distributor last year (mainly due to the awesome sets of Boiling Point, and Bull that I bought) Second Sight show no signs of letting their awesome quality treatment of great films lessen. From the horror maestro himself, George A. Romero comes the highly anticipated, long-awaited release of Martin Limited Edition Box Set. Second Sight present the film in a brand-new 4K scan, painstakingly restored from a 35mm dupe negative, supervised and approved by legendary director of photography Michael Gornick.

Unavailable for many years, this rarely seen (I first and last saw it on a BBC2 screening around 20 years ago) , wickedly original vampire thriller with bite gets the release it deserves with an all-singing, all-dancing release from experts in the field, Second Sight Films on 27 February 2023 in three versions: Limited Edition UHD 4K/Blu-ray Box set and Standard Edition 4K UHD and Standard Edition Blu-ray –  all of which come packed full of fantastic special features.

Alongside side the newly restored film, the bonus features include audio commentaries galore from George A Romero, John Amplas, Tom Savini, Richard P Rubinstein, Michael Gornick and Donald Rubinstein, plus new commentaries by Travis Crawford and Kat Ellinger. There’s a new feature-length documentary Taste the Blood of Martin and a new interview with composer Donald Rubinstein plus a short film by Tony Buba and much, much more.

Martin Limited Edition 4KUHD/Blu-ray Box set is presented in a rigid slipcase with original classic artwork, complete with a 108-page book with new essays and the original soundtrack CD by Donald Rubinstein. Please see the full details below.

Special Features:

A Second Sight Films 4K scan and restoration of a 35mm dupe negative supervised and approved by Director of Photography Michael Gornick

4K UHD and Blu-ray discs both including bonus features

UHD presented in HDR10+

Audio commentary by George A Romero, John Amplas and Tom Savini

Audio commentary by George A Romero, Richard P Rubinstein, Tom Savini, Michael Gornick and Donald Rubinstein

A new audio commentary by Travis Crawford

A new audio commentary by Kat Ellinger

Taste the Blood of Martin: A new feature-length documentary including location tour

Scoring the Shadows: A new interview with composer Donald Rubinstein

J Roy – New And Used Furniture: a short film by Tony Buba

Making Martin: A Recounting

Trailers, TV and radio spots

Limited Edition Contents:

Rigid slipcase with original classic artwork

108-page book with new essays by Daniel Bird, Miranda Corcoran, Travis Crawford, Heather Drain, Kat Ellinger, Andrew Graves, Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, Elena Lazic, , Stephen Thrower, Jon Towlson, Simon Ward and Tony Williams plus rare stills and behind-the-scenes images

Original Soundtrack CD by Donald Rubinstein

5 collectors’ art cards illustrated by Adam Stothard

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