From, John R. Leonetti (Annabelle, The Silence) comes the spine-tingling horror LULLABY. Available to Buy or Rent on Digital Now from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

 From, John R. Leonetti (Annabelle, The Silence), the director of Annabelle, comes the spine-tingling horror LULLABYLULLABY is available to Buy or Rent on Digital from 20th February courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

LULLABY stars Oona Chaplin (Netflix’s “Treason”) as a young mother doing all she can to protect her child from a threat of biblical proportions. The film also stars Ramón Rodríguez (Need For Speed), Liane Balaban (Definitely, Maybe), Mary Ann Stevens (Suicide Squad) and Julie Khaner (State Like Sleep).

A young mother (Oona Chaplin) discovers an ancient book containing a lullaby she assumes is a blessing. But in a spine-tingling twist, the lullaby is a summoning spell for the wicked demon Lilith, transforming her and her baby’s life into a living nightmare in this terrifying film from the director of Annabelle.

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