World premiere of TIME a brand-new play by and starring Gaynor O’Flynn to run at Vault Festival 7th – 12th March 2023.

Beinghuman® is delighted to announce the world premiere of a brand-new play, incorporating digital and performance artwork. Written by and starring Gaynor O’Flynn, TIME will run at the Vault Festival from 7th – 12th March 2023, having been selected from 600+ works to appear as one of the VAULT 5.

TIME explores the inescapable passing of the years; the story of a middle-aged female cliché, who uses her post-menopausal superpower to visit her successful friends from her past and reinvent her life.

In doing so, TIME deftly illustrates why it’s time to for all women to be seen & heard, no matter what age. The show challenges the notion that women have an expiry date; that their value in society, as instigators, as disrupters, as creatives – already often considered lesser than men – ceases once they hit ‘a certain age’.

TIME uses virtual production techniques to project giant, virtual, animated women into the theatre space, who join Gaynor to play the roles of her bigger, better, brighter, more successful, less invisible friends. These giant digital women are calling on all women, no matter what age, to rise and become giants.

The theatre audience is also invited to download the TIME app –launched by BeingHuman® on the first day of the play (7th March) to tie in with International Woman’s Day on 8th March 2023.   The app is part of the wider art and social justice elements of the project, as the team, led by Gaynor, call for a “Women to be seen and Heard” 

The TIME app is designed to support cool, creative women to connect globally, so they can collaborate with the TIME project and be “Seen and Heard”. Within the app, women are invited to chant and their voices and images are recorded to form a soundscape, creating a TIME artwork and the eventual soundtrack to the TIME play in the form of a digital choir.  

TIME is written, performed and directed by Gaynor O’Flynn, whose work has featured on BBC, C4, and Canal+, and whose music has featured in films including Argo (Oscar Best Picture 2013). TIME has an award-winning team who also work for the National Theatre, Barbican and Sadlers Wells.

Vault Festival 7th – 12th March 2023


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