Join filmmaker Tom Devlin for the ultimate scare attraction ‘Teddy Told Me To’ ( @TomDevlin1313FX )

Filmmaker Tom Devlin brought me a treat!  and today I watched it. His first directorial feature film Teddy Told Me To and it was so much fun! Teddy Told Me To centres around a couple Danny (played by Topher Hansson)  and Zoe (played by Kamarra Cole )  who spend their savings and plan to resurrect a closed down  Halloween tourist haunt, make some money and also scare the audience who they really hope will attend this scare attraction. But this is a horror movie, and of course the scare attraction has a past,and a past that may come back to bite them in their butts. 

Directed by Tom Devlin and from a screenplay by Vincent Cusimano and Lola Devlin. Teddy Told Me To is clearly a film made by people who adore horror movies. Not just from the onscreen nods to other horror movies, and using many of the tricks that horror fans love about horror movies (and using them very well) but also from the cast assembled for Teddy Told Me To.  The film features two different Jason Voorhees actors. Warrington Gillette played the unmasked Jason in Friday the 13th Part 2 and also CJ Graham played Jason in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. Not just that, but we also have featured in the film there’s Felissa Rose, who played Angela Baker in Sleepaway Camp, and Lisa Wilcox, who played Alice Johnson, the main character in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. There’s also Trent Haaga, who played Killjoy in each installment of the Full Moon franchise save the first one. Teddy Told Me To is such a fun nights entertainment and I cant recommend it enough. Its a popcorn, feet up, lights out romp and it must have been so much fun to film.  Also worth mentioning are the make up effects by 1313 FX who pull off some great practical effects (including an awesomely graphic cheek slicing scene which made me wince big time) and their FX and make up effects drive are super cool! This film doesnt hold back on the gore, thats for sure. So if you like fun horror movies made by talented horror lovers! Then definitely check out Teddy Told Me To and beware of…TEDDY! 

If you wish to receive updates about Teddy Told Me To and other productions you should check out Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum, like Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum on Facebook, or follow @TomDevlinsMonsterMuseum on Instagram. Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum is located in Boulder City, Nevada, in case you want to visit the filming location. I wish I lived in the US, or Id definitely head down there and see if Teddy is about!

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