Time-bending thriller ‘Breaking Infinity’ from director Marianna Dean unveils its trailer. ( @breakinginfinit )

Check out the trailer for the soon to be released Breaking Infinity from director Marianna Dean and written by David Trotti. the film stars Neil Bishop, Jonny Phillips, Zoe Cunningham, Martin Bishop & Zed Jozef and is a time-bending thriller about a research scientist named Liam, who has become unstuck in time. The only people Liam can count on for help are the doctor treating him, Emma, who’s convinced he’s suffering from delusions and his lab assistant Garret.

From the stills ive seen, from what I’ve read about the film and from the trailer. It looks great and Breaking Infinity is definitely on my radar to check out when I can.

From Director Marianna Dean

As Liam’s episodes become more intense, and his jumps through time more extreme, Liam travels from the distant past where he’s guided by a mysterious Old Man, to the future where he witnesses the end of the world – an apocalypse he may have caused. Liam must convince the reluctant Emma to help him solve the mystery behind his time traveling quantum state, but complicating this is the fact Liam is experiencing time out of sequence, while Emma is only moving forward. Ultimately Liam discovers the accident that sent him careening through time was no accident – but who was responsible? With Emma’s help, Liam fights for survival at the end of the world and saves time itself, and in the process discovers the most important time is now.

Producers Marianna Dean and Zoe Cunningham first worked together with great festival success on short film Symptoms (2016). After each producing several further shorts they worked on putting together a slate of intelligent sci-fi films in the £1-3m range. In December 2020, they raised £200k on the strength of their filmmaking skills, which was not attached to a specific project. Without a script that sat within that budget, they started a search for something new. After reading one hundred and thirty scripts they finally found a script by David Trotti called Breaking Infinity, a time travel sci-fi. “It was fast paced and engaging right from the start and I just couldn’t put it down.” Dean explains. “We both loved it but we knew it would be an ambitious project to pull off on the limited budget we had.” Zoe and Marianna brought on board experienced British indie producer, Paul Desira, to bolster their team. Desira said “I’ve been following Marianna [Dean]’s career for a while and I jumped at the chance to work with her on a feature.”

Filming began in May 2021 over 18 days at various locations including Hush House in Bentwaters Airfield, Suffolk, England. and  the Discovery Park in Kent, England, which the filmmakers say was by far the most challenging. “We filmed in this incredible facility where we converted a pharmaceutical glass room into a hospital recovery room. Whilst it looks amazing on camera it was a real pain to shoot in with all the reflections.” Marianna Dean laughs. “We pulled it off though”.

Production ended with a final shoot in the magnificent Snowdonia National Park in Wales. “We only used natural light on the top of a mountain,” Marianna Dean explains. “Shooting in Snowdonia gave us incredibly grand landscapes and it shows on camera. But the biggest challenge we faced there was really a scheduling one, just because of our use of natural light. We ended up chasing the light for a few scenes.” Costume and makeup form a key part of telling the story of Breaking Infinity. Every piece of wardrobe was carefully chosen by costume director Jenny Anderton, working closely with Marianna Dean, from Emma’s professional workwear to the incredible costume of the Old Man. “He had the best stick,” said Zoe Cunningham, who also played the lead role of Emma. “We were all so jealous.”

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