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Is there anything more fun for film fans to be shooting a vampire movie in an old creepy abandoned house (or manor). Well yes there is. its watching a film called Wolf Manor that takes us into the world of an indie film crew who are shooting a vampire movie in an old creepy abandoned house (or manor) and watching things turn bloody and insane. Welcome to Wolf Manor (also known as Scream of the Wolf in some countries), the latest film by director Dominic Brunt (Bait) and from a story written by Joel Ferrari  and Pete Wild.  Wolf Manor had its Northwest UK premier at 2022’s Grimmfest BFI event Monsters and Movies and I was there to see the film with a large audience which included Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers), Mick Garris (Sleepwalkers), Corin Hardy (The Hallow), and Reece Shearsmith (Inside No9) and after watching a very geeked out intro by Dominic Brunt, the lights dimmed and it was time for fun!

Its not easy to do something different with a well explored genre and that  definitely includes the vampire, werewolf or zombie genre. When its done very well, then the benchmark is set super high. For zombies we have The Walking Dead, and the George A Romero films, for vampires we of course have Dracula ( sorry Twilight, no shout out for you, you just arent my thing) and for werewolves, you cant help but instantly go to An American Werewolf in London, The Howling, the 1941 film The Wolf Man, and of course Dog Soldiers. Well im adding to that list of werewolf films Wolf Manor, which I had a blast watching with the Grimmfest audience. Straight from the off, we can tell that the filmmakers love horror movies, they love werewolf movies, and they love tipping their hats at some of the classics ‘let me guess, stay on the path’ you know- that sort of love for the genre that film fans will smile and give points to the filmmakers for including in their movie. 

Wolf Manor is a horror film with comedy , its a comedy with horror. its both or either and whichever label you decide to place on the film. it works 100% from the opening scenes I know I was in safe claws (I mean hands) and I was right!

What we get with Wolf Manor is a love letter to horror films, werewolf films, the world of filmmaking ‘you can trust me, i’m a producer’ is a line of dialogue that had Mick Garris laughing out loud in the audience. Wolf Manor did everything right, and made everything fun. It knows its not a mega budget film and uses that budget wisely and smartly and with its single focus being  to get what the filmmaker need to show what they want on screen with the goal being maximum entertainment for the audience. And they did it! Its casting is wonderful and whilst I could go through and give the whole cast a shout out, (and they deserve it) I will say that the two highlights for me at James Fleet as Oliver, the once legendary actor (Oliver, not James- James is still a legend in my book) who has taken to playing the vampire role one more time because fans beg for it, but who loves to sneak off and down any form of alcohol he can find (again I mean Oliver, not James) Every time Oliver is onscreen we know that we are about to use one of our many laughs or chuckles from within us. And whilst im on the subject of laughs and chuckles I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dominic Brunt (and some of the other crew from the film) after the screening and did praise him on what i call ‘prolonging the joke’ So often in films we experience a joke that goes on too long and then changes from funny to not funny- well in Wolf Manor is brilliantly manages to prolong jokes to keep them funny on many occasions and they go from funny to even funnier the longer they go on. Not just once, but several times in the film, now thats clever! 

So yes I had a blast watching Wolf Manor and I hope and know you will do.  Highly recommended from me, and One last thing- when the film finishes- and the credits begin to roll- stick around! Theres more! 

Now for those who havent seen the film yet. STOP! Don’t click the link below. You will find things talked about from the film. But if you’ve already seen the film then click the link below and check out the Q&A panel that I filmed at Grimmfest BFI’s Monsters and Movies featuring some of the cast and crew. Many thanks to Grimmfest for letting me attend the event and also of course for me to sit there with my camera to capture this on film (or rather memory card)  

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