Directed by Pelayo De Lario. Post-production completes on British story ‘Tales of Babylon’

Groucho Arts have confirmed that post-production has completed on their new crime thriller Tales of Babylon. Along with that, new stills and a sneak-peek trailer have been released.

The film stars Clive Russell, Billie Gadsdon, Aaron Cobham, Paul Cassidy, Maria Crittell and Ray Calleja. Tales of Babylon is directed by Pelayo De Lario, his second feature length title following Jack, which was well received at festivals in 2021, winning several awards.
The film follows two siblings looking to escape their abusive mobster grandfather, who join forces with a pair of hitmen with a knack for the theatrical in their search for a new life in this tale of crime, violence, and redemption. Crime, money and violence in London are at the centre of this tale of modern Babylon.
The film was shot around the London Docklands, Brixton, Greenwich, Hammersmith and Hoxton.

Talking about the film, Director Pelayo De Lario said “We are thrilled to finally have finished Tales of Babylon, it is a project that all of us have poured our hearts into, spending many sleepless nights trying to make it the amazing movie that it is. Tales of Babylon was really personal to me, because despite being a story about gangsters , it is a story about London, with he city as the protagonist and everything the makes it special at it’s core, the diversity, the special type of culture we have and the variety of characters that makes London such an exciting city. Tales of Babylon, is also a film about the family, about finding your own family and about redemption, as the protagonists go through the story trying to make amends for their past mistakes. I can’t wait for everyone to get their eyes onto Tales of Babylon because I’m sure they won’t be able to take them off the screen.”

Elena Conte, CEO Grouch Arts said “Tales of Babylon is now finished and I couldn’t be more excited for the whole team who put so much into it, and especially Pelayo who wrote and directed the film with a lot of heart and personality, and for someone as young as him to already be pushing like this is something I haven’t seen in a long time, I’m sure the audience will love the film.”

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