‘Fright Night: Origins’. Writer/Director Tom Holland brings us back into the world of Charley Brewster With Brand A New ‘Fright Night’ Novel ( @realtomholland )

I’ve seen Fright Night many times over the years since its original 1985 release and also over the years heard the story that a sequel was in the works from creator Tom Holland . It has been a few years since the last update that I had heard but great news. The story continues, not in film form (yet) but in novel form and Fright Night: Origins, is available now (in paperback and e book form) with a hardback edition coming October 14th 2022

Co-written by A. Jack Ulrich, Fright Night: Origins gives us more from the story of teenage horror-film junkie Charley Brewster, who is convinced his next door neighbour is a vampire.
The first in a planned trilogy of books Fright Night: Origins is definitely one to get and Im super excited about it. Fright Night was one of the go to VHS films that I watched when it was released in the 80s and while I dont have the exact number of times I watched the Roddy McDowell/ William Ragsdale/ Chris Sarandon starring film to hand. It is easily in the double figures.

You can buy Fright Night: Origins  here https://terrortime.shop/fright-night-origins-autographed-trade-paperback/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=paidmedia&utm_campaign=terrortime

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