Director Keene McRae’s ‘Shot In The Dark’ gets UK release on digital this October

Take a Shot In The Dark with Keene McRae’s bold, impressive, and evocative directorial debut. After premiering at Grimmfest, this chilling and captivating atmospheric horror is now set to thrill audiences with its UK release on digital this October, courtesy of Reel 2 Reel Films.

Set in the late 1990s and taking place over 48 hours, this thrilling feature is inspired by true events. Once a successful writer—now small-town pariah— William Langston (Kristoffer McMillan – It Comes, Saudade) must fight for his life to avoid becoming the final victim of a sadistic serial killer.

As he battles to survive, William is forced to confront his demons, and as he grapples with a past mistake that has impacted the rest of his life, he must finally face his greatest fears. If he doesn’t kill the past, the past will kill him…

With ‘startling cinematography’ (Moving Pictures Film Club), this taut, visceral, and thought-provoking thriller promises to get under your skin.

Filled with unrelenting dread, give this haunting, tightly paced horror a Shot In The Dark for a bone-chilling, enthralling terror ride.

‘A triumph… assured, compelling, and ultimately disconcerting… a beautifully crafted deconstruction that broods with a calm intelligence rarely found in such a popular subgenre’

The People’s Movies


‘One hell of a debut, and I am both intrigued and eager to see what works might follow in the future’

Grimoire of Horror


‘An impressively bleak, bone-chilling and genuinely haunting film’



‘One of the year’s best debut features’

A Night of Horror

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