FATHER EARTH, the new feature film from Graham Fellows, is set to tour the UK Autumn 2022. ( @gdfellows )

Iconic Filmmaker and Comedian Graham Fellows has followed his two previous indie features, It’s Nice Up North and Southern Softies, with his most personal film yet. FATHER EARTH is the touchingly quirky true story of one man’s efforts to save his world, whilst attempting to save the planet.

Can Graham, armed with a G Wiz electric car, successfully convert a derelict church on a windswept island in Orkney into an eco-friendly recording studio? Or will life and relationships, particularly those between fathers and sons, get in the way? And where does John Shuttleworth fit in to all this?

This 83 minute documentary will be touring cinema and arts venues around the UK from September through to December 2022 and each screening will be followed by a Q&A with Graham, who will reveal, amongst other things, why the film was 12 years in the making.

FATHER EARTH stars Graham Fellows as himself, and his comic alter ego John Shuttleworth – with guest appearances by Kids’ TV legends Sooty and Sweep and Graham’s eccentric and mathematically driven father Derek. Filmed mainly in the Orkney Isles, this is Fellows’ first movie project since Southern Softies in 2008, which was the sequel to It’s Nice Up North’ (2005) a collaboration with renowned photographer Martin Parr and described by The Telegraph as ‘A bit of a shambles, frankly, and utterly inspired’. Both films were distributed by Picture House and screened on Sky Arts TV.

To book tickets: https://fatherearthmovie.com/watchthefilm/

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