‘Fall’ takes gut wrenching thrillers to new heights. In Cinemas Now

From director Scott Mann comes Fall, one of the most tense, gut wrenching thrillers that Ive seen for quite a while and for someone that has a dislike of heights (or rather falling from them) Fall definitely tested my limits. When best friends Becky (played by Grace Caroline Currey ) and Hunter (played by Virginia Gardner ) decided to heat into a remote desert area and climb a 2,000-foot radio tower, we the audience know that things aren’t going to go perfectly for the pair and boy oh boy are we right. 

Fall had me on the edge of my chair (pun intended) for its full run time and whilst we know that something is going to wrong for our two main characters, we aren’t sure when that will be (if nothing went wrong, there would be no film) The filmmakers perfectly manage to make you think that whatever is going to go wrong is in the next few seconds, and so this adds to the stomach churning, mind spinning tension and I loved it (even though it scared me half to death) Another top notch story point is that once we the audience know what we think is going to go wrong (and that’s not saying we are right or wrong) we quickly realise that even if the characters turned back, that its probably too late for it to save them from the hell they are going to go through.

If (like me), you hate heights, then this makes the film even scarier and I cant recommend it enough. The cinematography adds ten fold to the tension and the two lead characters play the roles wonderfully.

Fall had me on the edge within its opening seconds and kept me dangling (yes all these puns are somewhat intended, but are also true statements) as the story carried through to the end.  There is a single plot point within the film that I wasn’t a fan of, and whilst i cant say what it is (as it will give something away) I felt that the film did try to be a little bit smarter than it needed to be, but as I said, it didnt ruin anything, I just felt that Fall didn’t need it.  Fall has still earned a place in my Top 10 films of the year (so far) 

Directed by Scott Mann (Final Score, The Tournament )

In Cinemas Now

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