Mid-air Monsters, Creatures under beds and hostages in living rooms. Vipco’s Vault Of Terror Volume One gathers some crazy short films. ( @vipcoltd )

Recently I picked up and bought the VIPCO DVD release of the  Bad Moon Rising and along with that film, I also picked up Vipco’s Vault of Terror: Volume One, a 69 minute collection of short films all within the horror genre that are all housed on this single disc.   Whilst some of the horror films are hit and miss, the highlight of the collection is easily the Geoff Harmer directed, Peter Hearn written air disaster film ‘Dead Air’ which sees rock group Monster Kitten come into contact with something far scarier than groupies. The Dead Air short film is worth the purchase alone, but of course with several other short films on the disc, you do get your moneys worth. You get short films that deal with gardening tools on the rampage, you get a sort of love story, mixed with revenge, you get a man taking a grim form of holy retribution against another human being.  You also get a short film that deals with a monster under the bed and a very cool use of a mobile phone and its this short film that would have been my favourite, had it not been for the mighty Dead Air which  is quality in every way (and I still want a feature film of this one, with the same cast.   Any short film that has the line ‘they wont harm me, I smell of piss’  well that is a short film that just has to be checked out!  The short films are also bookended by the tale of a man holding an underwear clad woman hostage in his living room, which is slightly odd, but im sure there is a feature film in there somewhere (if there isnt already) 

So if you like your collection of short films and like them on physical media, then I would check out Vipco’s Vault of Terror: Volume One .   

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