LEGEND reveals slate of horror and action premieres for September ( @legend_channel )

Friday and Saturday nights in September on Legend are premiere-packed, headed up by the UK TV premiere of Doug Liman’s (director of The Bourne IdentityEdge of Tomorrow), deadly psychological thriller THE WALL, staring John Cena and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. There are also Channel premieres for horror-mystery THE FINAL WISH, dark comedy vampire horror THE SHED, Walter Hill’s neo-noir crime thriller THE DRIVER, starring Sam O’Neill and Bruce Dern and Sam Peckinpah’s gritty action-comedy CONVOY, starring Kristofferson and Ali McGraw. Plus, IRON EAGLE II and IRON EAGLE III are on the weekend menu, both starring Louis Gossett Jr.

And the popular strand THE VINTAGE VAULT continues, once again presenting double-bills of classic sci-fi and horror films every Sunday night. The season premieres on Sunday September 4th with BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, the celebrated sequel to the 1931 classic with Boris Karloff reprising his role as the monster. This is paired with Christy Cabanne’s frightening chiller masterpiece THE MUMMY’S HAND. Then on Sunday September 11th we have FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN, featuring the original Wolfman, Lon Chaney, Jr. and Bela Lugosi as Frankenstein’s monster, followed by THE INVISIBLE MAN, in which Claude Rains delivers a remarkable performance in his screen debut.

Sunday September 18th brings us pulp-horror favourite TARANTULA twinned with  REVENGE OF THE CREATURE, the sequel to Universal’s fabulously successful The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Finally, on Sunday September 25th mutant octopus-rampaging favourite  IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA hits our screens, followed by the heart-pounding Alien invasion classic IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE

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