Keep Breathing (2021), a short film by Mark Corden starring Damien Molony & Emmeline Hartley

Not to be confused with the 2022 Netflix mini series of the same name (and oddly a bunch of people did confuse the Netflix show which has just dropped onto the streaming platform with this 18 minute short film by Mark Corden.- strange people! read people read! )

Keep Breathing as id mentioned is an 18 minute short film directed by Mark Corden, and written by Tommy Draper, Emmeline Hartley & Mark Corden. Its premise is simple. Trapped in a lift, a man and woman are forced to confront each other about the night they first met.

Keep Breathing is a wonderfully crafted film about perception. miscommunication, and how one person can see a date going really well and yet the other person seeing it from a very different viewpoint. Its a great ‘discussion’ film in that, if you watch it with some friends, you can spend an hour or two having a conversation about what you have just seen on screen. Whilst both main leads are on top form, the real star is Emmeline Hartley not only speaks the lines of the story we watch perfectly (as does Damien), but also emotes her feelings with perfection and makes for a perfectly uncomfortable film viewing experience (and watching Keep Breathing does need to be an uncomfortable viewing experience). A lot of the atmosphere of Keep Breathing is about the unsaid, and sometimes that doesn’t work in a film but it works brilliantly in Keep Breathing!  Do check the film out and please do leave a review here (in the  correct page) here 

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