THE LAST SON starring Sam Worthington, Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly and Heather Graham arrives on digital 8 August 2022

Brand-new bloody and brutal western THE LAST SON sees Sam Worthington as an outlaw hellbent on ending his evil family line. This fierce feature has a stellar all-star cast including Colson Baker aka musician Machine Gun KellyThomas Jane and Heather Graham and makes its UK debut this August from 101 Films.

Directed by Tim Sutton (Donnybrook, Funny Face) this no-holds barred, action-filled, shoot-em-up, slice-em-up, wild western takes us to a lawless, depraved America in 1888.

It’s the bleakest of winters and LeMay (Sam Worthington) arrives on horseback in the Sierra Nevada foothills, armed to the hilt for his mission… to kill the last of his children, two heirs he fathered with prostitutes and relinquished responsibility for.

He believes evil is hereditary and in a strange, inexplicable act of social conscience, has taken it upon himself to wipe his wicked family line from the earth. But it’s not long before LeMay discovers he has a third child, a twin, Cal (Colson Baker) who is a terrifying manifestation of his fears…

True to form, Cal is rampaging with his band of no-good, gun-toting sidekicks. Having brutally massacred his old commanding officer and robbed a bank with a stolen gun worth a small fortune, Cal is on the run and headed for more trouble. His first stop is his mother (Graham), who he’s determined make rethink her profession, whatever it takes… and then there’s the matter of his dangerous Dad on his tail…

Does the bloodline end here or will darkness prevail in The Last Son?

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