Roland Manookian’s ‘The Sun Also Rises’ releases trailer and official poster as it heads toward summer release

Later this year sees the release of ‘THE SUN ALSO RISES’ from Move Mountains Production, directed by Roland Manookian (The Football Factory, Rocknrolla) and produced by Shane McCormick (Let’s Talk About George and Castle In The Sky), Tom Gordon (The Listener and Jak The Lad), Josh Witcher (Let’s Talk About George and Castle In The Sky) and Franky Lankester (Ron Hopper’s Misfortune). as the release approaches, we now have an official poster, and trailer and you can check them both out here.

This complex and emotionally charged film focuses on Raye, a women trapped in an abusive relationship, The Sun Also Rises charts her struggle to survive, her journey to escape, and how the cycle of violence affects all that come into contact with it. A beautiful film with an ultimately positive message of redemption, The Sun Also Rises pays homage to the strength of the human spirit. It draws inspiration from the Ernest Hemmingway book Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises, about the Festival of San Fermín in Pamplona where people go to watch the running of the bulls and the bullfight. The film references the book, as Raye, goes on a metaphorical bull run.

The cast includes actors from some of my favourite British films including Gina Jones (Alleycats, Above the Fire), Shane McCormick (Mister Mayfair, Rise Of The Footsoldier Origins, Castle in The Sky), Craig Fairbrass (Muscle, Villain, Cliffhanger), Geoff Bell (Green Street, The Business, Kingsman: The Secret Service), Simon Manyonda (Pennyworth, The Witches, The Bay), Eddie Webber (The Firm, The Business, To be Someone), Josh Witcher (Let’s talk about George, Rise of the Footsoldier Origins),  Calum MacNab (The Football Factory, The Firm) Lottie Lewis (Get Lucky, Outside Bet, London Heist) Kadeem Ramsay (Top Boy, Blue Story), Miguella Charley, Aimée Hills (The Bystanders, Crackajack), Karen Seacombe (Made in Dagenham, Fingersmith), Byron Gibson (Only God Forgives), Tom Gordon (Black Cab, Spitfire Over Berlin), Tom Padley (Allied) , Franky Lankester (Rise of the Footsoldier: Marbella) and James Hicks (Miss Monday).

Producer Shane McCormick quotes: “We have produced a film that looks to shine a light on the immensely damaging cycle of domestic violence. The film portrays an abusive relationship and the journey Raye takes to find her identity. We hope this helps sufferers of abuse and their journey of recovery.”

To celebrate the up and coming release of the film. Some of the cast took some time out to send over some lovely interview clips for you! Check them out!

The Sun Also Rises is due for release later this summer.

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