David Cronenberg’s ‘Crimes of the Future’ , starring Viggo Mortensen and Kristen Stewart unveils its first trailer and I cant wait!

After a few years away from featuring directing, one of my favourite filmmakers Mr David Cronenberg  is back and is returning to the body horror genre that perhaps most people know him for and has given him some of his most popular films such as The Fly, Scanners, Videodrome, The Brood, Rabid, Shivers and many more, and Im super excited about it. Ive been a fan of Cronenberg’s since the early 80s when I first saw still images from his film Scanners in a print edition of Fangoria. I wondered what on earth would cause someones head to explode and make their eyes pop out, and I knew (even aged 10 at the time) that I had to see this film at some point. Eventually around 1984ish, I saw Scanners and then Videodrome, followed by VHS viewings of Rabid, and Shivers, and finally The Brood. That run of Cronenberg films cemented my fandom for the Canadian film genius. 

So later this year (June to be more exact) we get “Crimes of the Future,” his first big screen release in eight years. (his last was Map To The Stars in 2014)  “Crimes of the Future” will have its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and his cinemas in June 2022.

We now have a teaser trailer which for Cronenberg fans like myself will make you wish June was here right now. The trailer looks to be a perfect fit for the Cronenberg we love  and feels like many of his other films.  Needless to say Im very excited and to have Viggo Mortensen back in the Cronenberg world is great (Viggo and David worked together in 2007’s Eastern Promises, and 2005’s A History of Violence) but the casting that has me giddy is Kristen Stewart who I know will be a perfect fit for a Cronenberg film.

Whats your thoughts on this teaser trailer and are you excited for Cronenbergs return to the big screen?

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