A couple get lost trying to find themselves, in ‘Bring Out The Fear’ showing at @Grimmfest this April ( Wri/Dir by @RichMWaters ) Starring @tadmorari and @ciarabailey1

Once again its time for me to tell you how much I enjoyed a film without actually telling you too much about the events in the film or too much of the plotline. That’s usually my way of reviewing a film which I know might not suit everyone but hey, I went into Bring Out The Fear knowing virtually nothing about the film, and Id like you to go into it that way too. You’ll enjoy seeing the plot unfold and the characters going through their crazy journey, just like I did.  What I can tell you about the plot of the Richard Waters directed film Bring Out The Fear is this.  So. In Bring Out The Fear, we meet Rosie, and Dan, a couple who certainly look like their relationship needs some super glue to hold it together and pretty quickly we do learn just what has gone wrong.  But the couple do wish to try to salvage things (or do they) and so they head off for a  nice walk in the forest.  Sounds pleasant enough doesn’t it, and it is, the scenery is beautiful and the weather is fine, however when its time to head back to the car, that’s when things get even worse than a relationship disagreement- and that’s where the plot description from me stops!

What I can tell you though is that Bring Out The Fear is a great mix of things. Its wonderfully made, filmed in a beautiful location, it has two fantastic actors in the leads and I’m not kidding when I say I could have watched a 150 minute version of Rosie and Dan hanging out.  The lead actors are wonderful, Ciara Bailey is wonderful as Rosie and even though some of the things she may be saying to Dan, hurts his feelings. The way she delivers those lines, cracked me up and put a big old smile on my face.  Then there’s the character of Dan, with his, well less than nice personality in many scenes, he still comes across as a likeable not to nice person and that’s testament to the great performance by Tad Morari.  Those two work so well together and here’s hoping they get the chance to work together again soon.

I had the chance to speak with the films writer director Richard Waters and the films Producer Alison Scarff recently for a podcast conversation (which will be released soon) and I did bring up the puzzle as to why I like films from Ireland (and Australia) often more than films made in other countries. I find them more charming and creepier if that’s their genre. Richard seemed to think it was due to Irish people and their ‘manner’ saying that there’s a certain way of talking, and certain characteristics of the Irish (and I guess Australian) that has a genuine natural feel to it, and I think that is it. Ciara and Tad (who is actually Brazilian so that might ruin the theory a little, but I dont think it does) are so genuine with their characters and that comes across from the screen to the viewer. Of course it also helps that the film has a great script so lets not leave any praise out for Richard (who also wrote the story, as well as wrote the directing hat) Bring Out The Fear is creepy when it needs to be, puzzling when it wants to be, and very charming pretty often when we need a smile or a sarcastic comment from one character to another. I loved it.

So for those who are headed to the Easter Virtual Grimmfest , please do check out Bring Out The Fear and you can thank me, and Grimmfest and the cast and crew who put all the hard work into making the film of course, for giving you a treat!

There are many reasons I love the Grimmfest events, however I’m giving the selection team a shout out on this occasion because they bring gems into their fold and shine a spotlight on them so film geeks like me can check them out! 

Tickets for Bring Out The Fear and other films showing at Grimmfest can be bought here 


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