SHAPELESS, starring Kelly Murtagh, Jamie Neumann, and Marco Dapper now on Tubi and in selected theatres

From Director Samantha Aldana in her feature film debut comes Shapeless, 

Written by Kelly Murtagh  and Bryce Parsons-Twesten, Shapeless takes us into the world of Ivy, a struggling singer who is stuck performing in run down dive bars, in New Orleans  Ivy has dreams of performing in higher end music clubs but life hasn’t set her on that path as yet.  Whilst her dreams are set high, Ivy’s reality is that she is battling untreated bulimia which twists her form into a hideous monster.The only way to stop her transformation from taking over is to use her eating disorder.

Shapeless is a beautiful shot film with some very unique cinematography and with a story I certainly haven’t seen or read before and whilst its not exactly a Friday night, put your feet up and relax, sort of movie. Its definitely worth checking out.  Kelly Murtaugh (TV’s The Purge) is the star on screen in the role of Ivy as she tries to keep her life on track but fights many battles along the way as everything around her seems to be falling apart and we follow her journey into madness and darkness.  Not an easy film to watch with its subject matter but the direction of the film by Samantha, and the story, does keep you going until the end. 

As id said earlier, not an easy film to watch, and far from a popcorn movie, but if you are one of those people who like films a little different, then id suggest adding Shapeless to your list. 






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