Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It the “Kazakh horror comedy masterpiece” gets Blu-ray and digital release from 101 Films. 21st Feb 2022 ( 101_films )

Berserk, bloody hilarious and not for the faint hearted;  Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It gets its UK release on digital and Blu-ray release from 101 Films on 21 February 2022, following its barnstorming UK Premiere at FrightFest 2021.

Lauded as the breakout favourite on its premiere, this hysterical killer Kazakhstan thriller from director Yernar Nurgarliyev brings us head-rolling laughter and a bucket load of gore.

Bickering husband and wife Dastan (Daniar Alshinov) and Zhanna (Asel Kaliyeva) are expecting their first child and Dastan is desperate to get away for one last weekend of fun before the baby arrives and he must finally settle down.  He rounds up his two best pals for a boys’ weekend of fishing and fun, but little do they know their plan for a chilled trip to the lake is about to turn into mad and deadly mayhem.

After accidentally witnessing a murder by a group of thugs, the three friends are suddenly on the run to escape their violent clutches and then things turn even wilder.  With a mysterious one-eyed man out for blood and a desperate wannabe bride and her pushy father in the mix, the body count starts to rise. Never mind fishing, will Dastan make it out alive and get to the hospital in time for the birth of his baby?

Filled with copious amounts of blood, sweat and tears of laughter Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It is madcap mayhem and  unapologetically brutal – you really won’t believe it.

‘An absolute riot… crowd pleaser and the less you know about it the better. Allow it to shock and surprise you, make you laugh until you cry, and enjoy every minute of this Kazakh horror comedy masterpiece’


Love Horror


‘A delightfully fresh and fun film that isn’t afraid to get a little gory as it spins together the best of Friday the 13th and The Hangover to create an unforgettable movie experience

The Hollywood News


If you’re a fan of Three Stooges-style silent slapstick but wish it came with a lot more gore, then, Sweetie, you won’t believe what a treat you are in for’

Eye for Film


‘Well-made… works amazingly… a surprising emotional depth to the performances despite the slapstick comedy and impressive physical gore effects… the most fun you’ll have with a film for a while’



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