‘Never Back Down:Revolt’ Available to Download and Keep and To Rent on Digital from 21st of February 2022

The newest entry in the MMA franchise NEVER BACK DOWN: REVOLT is available to Download & Keep and to Rent on Digital from February 21st courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Starring Olivia Popica (TV’s “Rivera”, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald), Michael Bisping (Den Of Thieves, XxX: Return Of Xander Cage), Nitu Chandra Srivasttava (13B: Fear Has a New Address, Shooter), Brooke Johnston (The Hurricane Heist, Fifty Shades Darker), Diana Hoyos (Sniper: Ultimate Kill), and James Faulkner (Underworld: Blood Wars, Atomic Blonde), NEVER BACK DOWN: REVOLT is directed by Kellie Madison (The Tank) and written by Audrey Arkins (Elyse).  The fourth installment of the NEVER BACK DOWN franchise, the action-packed thriller takes the story away from the world of MMA cage fighting and into a darker, even more dangerous corner of the fighting underworld.

An amateur fighter (Olivia Popica) is lured by a trafficking syndicate specializing in elite underground fighting where her brutal captor (Michael Bisping) forces her to fight or face certain death.

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